Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 12, 2013

Amazon Offering 3-For-2 Deal On PS4 Games Today, Target For The Whole Week!

The problem with a new console is that it’s just so darn expensive, especially when it’s first released. You have to get the console itself, which is usually a few hundred dollars, maybe a new controller in case the batteries run dead on the one you get with the console, and unless you want to play with the main menu you’re going to need some games. All in all, that $400 console can end up costing you $500, $600, or even $700!

Luckily, Amazon is here to help! From noon EST until 4 PM, if you purchase 3 PS4 games and put in the promotional code GR8TNESS you’ll get one of those games for free! What’s more, it’s for every PS4 game available at launch, and if you get the right shipping you’ll get the games in time for the launch!

If you can’t get to your computer to order from Amazon in time though you need not worry. Target is running a buy-2-get-1 free all week as well, only it’s not limited to just PS4 games but rather any game in the store! So hey, either way you’ll be covered. What a great week to be a gamer!


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