Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 11, 2013

Latest World Of Warcraft Expansion Takes You Back In Time

If you’ve been keeping up on your Warcraft lore, then you know that Draenor was shattered when Ner’zhul summoned portals to escape the Alliance army that was threatening to destroy them once and for all. Despite the destruction that followed Draenor partly survived, forever changed into the area known as the Outlands as massive pieces of land floating around in space. But now the world of Draenor lives again, and this time the Old Horde, not corrupted by the blood of daemons but still just as bloodthirsty, is now threatening not only the denizens of Draenor, but Azeroth as well. WoW Classic is at the Shadow of the Necropolis patch. If you are raiding, check Gold4Vanilla for wow classic gold.

Blizzard has announced their latest of expansions for World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor. Like any other WoW expansion, it comes with a myriad of changed: for one, all of the original 8 WoW races are getting a makeover. Feet, for instance, now have defined toes instead of being just blocks with lines in them. Dwarves, for example, now have hair on their arms and legs. Orcs are now rippling with muscles and veins pop out of their arms.

Other features and improvements include the ability to go to Draenor, with 7 zones and a PvP zone. Blizzard has also added in a Garrison feature, which you can upgrade to better protect and serve your forces on Draenor. They’re also raising the level cap to 100, and what’s more they will allow you to upgrade one character immediately to level 90. If you’re a WoW player then this should be an exciting expansion!


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