Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 22, 2013

One-Click Twitch Streaming Has Come To Minecraft

Streaming with Twitch isn’t something that is new to a lot of people. However, for many folks who have never done it before but want to it can be quite intimidating trying to figure out how exactly to do it. Many of the newest consoles that are coming out are making that easier than ever to do, taking out a lot of the fear and uncertainty that comes with it, and now Minecraft on the PC is making it easy as well!

That’s right folks, the narcissist in you can now show off your creations inMinecraft via one-click Twitch streaming! It’s pretty easy to set up as well: once you have a Twitch account, just go into your Mojang account settings and link the Twitch account there. Once you’re in the game you can check your broadcast settings in the Options menu, and start broadcasting just by hitting F6! Improve your quality content with Live stream Melbourne Australia and keep creating.

At this time the feature is only supported on Windows and Mac OS’s. There’s no word yet on if we’ll see the Linux version also support streaming but as far as I know I don’t see why it couldn’t. Still, having streaming capabilities built into a game like this is pretty cool, and I hope that more games will do this!


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