Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 18, 2013

Sony: 1 Million PS4’s Sold On First Day

When the Wii was first put on the market Nintendo was able to sell 475k of them in the first month. The PS3 only had 195k sold in its first month. And the Xbox 360? It only sold 325k in its first month. So with those numbers in mind, how many consoles do you think Sony sold of the PS4 since it went up for sale on Friday? Keep in mind that the Wii U sold well it’s first month at 425k units.

You might think 100k, or maybe 250k in its first day but you’d be wrong. Sony has announced that on the first day alone they sold over 1 million PS4s, and that release was just in North America! That’s an absolutely staggering number to think about! How is it that Sony has done what nobody’s done in the past?

It’s simple really. In the end, Sony has been able to provide a supply of PS4s unlike what any company has done in the past. That 195k number for the amount of PS3s sold at launch? It wasn’t because it was unpopular, but rather it was the fact that Sony had a hard time in making large amounts of the system. Obviously using a more standard architecture this time around is paying dividends to Sony, not just because it has made developing games for it easier but also because it makes producing the systems that much faster. With the Xbox One coming out later this week it’ll be interesting to see what kinds of numbers Microsoft puts up. Will it be able to match the PS4’s numbers over the weekend, or did the Xbox One’s PR problems doom the console before its release?


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