Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 26, 2013

Valve Introduces Steam Reviews

Steam is a wonderful service and all, but Valve is always looking to make it better. From adding Big Picture mode to Greenlight, Valve is always adding new features to Steam in order to make it better for the user. Well they’ve now added a brand new feature that while a bit ho-hum, it’s still a feature that’s been lacking when you compare Steam to places like Amazon. I’m talking, of course, about user reviews.

That’s right folks, you’ve heard correct! Valve has now added the ability for users to leave reviews to games in Steam, just like you might leave a review on Amazon. Right now Steam Reviews is still in beta, so there is no overall score as of yet, but you should still get a good idea of if a game is any good or not by reading a few reviews.

If you think that this sounds a lot like their Friend Recommendations feature they had, that’s because it is. Valve has gone ahead and upgraded all of your Recommendations to reviews, though they are set to only be viable to your friends by default. So hey, if you have something to say about a game, then go do it!


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