Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 3, 2013

PS4 Has Best Launch Week Ever In UK

Despite being only half a month into the next generation of game consoles (sorry Wii U, but you’re not really next-gen the way the PS4 and Xbox One are) it’s already been proven that these new systems are popular. In North America alone Sony has sold over 1 million PS4s, while Microsoft has since sold a million Xbox Ones worldwide as well. And with the PS4’s European launch last week, the numbers have gotten even bigger.

In the first 48 hours after the launch of the PS4 in the UK Sony has sold over 250,000 consoles. That puts the PS4 as having the most successful launch in the history of the UK, putting it over the PSP which had sold 185,000 units in its first week. Microsoft, on the other hand, has only sold 170,000 Xbox Ones during the 2 weeks its been out in the UK, a respectable number for sure, and certainly better overall than the Wii U, of which only 150,000 consoles have been sold in the entire year that it’s been on the market!

Making matters worse for Nintendo, and better for Sony is the fact that Sony’s game Knack, regarded by many folks as a perfectly average game, beat out Nintendo’sSuper Mario 3D World. Of course, it’s not a huge surprise that a console with 100,000 more units sold will sell more games, even if it’s an average platform beat-em-up type of game. For now, though, Sony reigns supreme, and it’s looking like it might just stay that way for some time.


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