Posted by Haley Dafforn on Aug 14, 2014

Black Desert Coming To NA/EU

After many long awaited months of searching, Daum finally announced that they are keeping the rights to Black Desert and are opening a new office in the Western Market in order to cater to more fans. This decision is much to the excitement of North American and European fans (and me), as the game certainly has a breathtaking graphic appeal, and there was some suspicion of possible changes that could be made to the game if rights were given up. There is no word on when NA/EU closed beta tests will begin, but Korea is already gearing up for their third beta test in September.

Black Desert is a Korean fantasy sandbox MMORPG that is well-known for allowing players to create characters entirely from scratch in high detail. This includes even the minutest details such as wrinkles and bone structures. The gameplay includes an open-world setting with villages, cities, dungeons, and castles. It also features crafting, trading, NPC-hiring, and real estate management, according to the Pearl Abyss website.

In addition to the typical MMO features of the game, the sandbox mechanics of Black Desert give it the appeal that MMO-hungry fans have been dying for since Everquest. The mechanics are meant to give the game a truly immersive experience and include features such as a parkour system, a dynamic worldwide weather system, a day/night cycle, active combat systems, and mounted combat. Animal companions and mounts must be tamed, fed, and cared for by the player and can be killed in combat.

Black Desert has been in the works by Daum and Pearl Abyss since September 2011 and currently features nine basic classes and three races. The game has already been highly rated by beta test users in Korea and holds a lot of promise for the future. If you want to learn more about Black Desert check out their character creation video, the most recent trailer, reviews from the second closed beta, or the English fanpage.

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