Posted by Kevin Corrie on Sep 8, 2014

City of Heroes Back from the Grave?

About a week ago, a man named Nate Downes gave some news that is ridiculously exciting to fans of the MMO City of Heroes. Nate Downes is, if you are unaware, the President of Missing Worlds Media Inc., the company behind the Phoenix Project a.k.a. City of Titans. The news Mr. Downes revealed was that his company had been in talks with NCSoft, the original makers of the City of Heroes series of games. What talks?! Who?! When?! If you’re a fan of the game like I am, you were probably screaming these words at the screen as you read them.

The massive news on everybody’s lips was that during these talks, Downes will be attempting and has attempted to acquire access to the intellectual property of the original game. This would allow Missing Worlds Media to license the IP directly from NCSoft and by extension, gain access to a binary copy of the i23 server files. This would allow MWM to recreate the CoH universe using the original game code and allow a true successor to be published.

The only sad news is that should this deal come to fruition, NCSoft has already decided that player data and and user database would not be included in this licensing, meaning that, unfortunately, your Heroes/Villains are more than likely gone for good. On the flip side, the trademark is on the table for licensing meaning that you could easily recreate your character from scratch. Eventually, Downes says, the game would regardless have to be ported to a new engine due to binary issues as it has been nearly a decade since CoH started its servers, during which multiple OS’s have come and gone. Downes says this will not pose too much of an issue however as both the Atlas Park Revival project and City of Titans are running on Unreal Engine 4.

How do you feel about the situation where it stands? I know I just want to fly again…




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