Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 7, 2015

Nyko Data Bank Adds 3.5” HD Support To Your PS4

The days of buying a new game, rushing home, popping it into your console and playing it right away are all but gone. Now we have to install games to the hard drive, in order to keep loading times to a minimum during gameplay. Sure, we all hate staring at the little bar, waiting for it to reach 100% so we can play, but there are plenty of things you can do to pass the time. One of the other downsides to installing games is, of course, the limited hard drive space.

Sony has been the best about giving you options when upgrading your drive. In fact, you can swap out the drive on your PS4 with a shiny new drive any time you like. Unfortunately, you’re limited to a 2.5” drive, which means less storage space, and slower speeds. But that’s about to change.

At CES this week, Nyko unveiled their Data Bank. This new add-on for your PS4 allows you to pop in a 3.5” drive, giving you access to multiple terabytes of data storage. The best part about this add-on gadget is how it connects. It doesn’t simply plug in and sit next to your console, it becomes a part of it. You simply remove the top of the casing on the left side, and pop the Data Bank into place. It locks in there, and draws power from the console directly, without needing to plug in any extra cables. Nyko is looking to release this for around $30-$40 later this year.





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