Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 5, 2015

Sony Announces PlayStation Now Subscription Service

Backwards-compatibility is something that tends to be an issue when it comes to consoles. Sure, most original PlayStation games played just fine on the PS2, but then things got trickier when the PS3 arrived. The first units off the line could play a vast majority of PS1/PS2 titles, but once the hardware emulation was dropped, we lost that functionality. Last year Sony introduced PlayStation Now, a service that let you rent PS3 titles on your shiny new PS4. But today they announced that they’re taking that concept even further.

With the existing PlayStation Now program, you’ll pay a set amount per title, which you can play for a specific period of time. But what if you want the freedom to pick and choose different games to play, and not worry about when it will expire? That’s exactly what the new subscription plan aims to do. For a flat fee of either $19.99 per month, or $44.99 per three months, you’ll have unlimited access to more than 100 (and growing) PS3 titles.

Not sure if you want to drop your cash down for the service? Sony is going so far as to give you a free seven-day trial of the new subscription service once it debuts. The service will be rolling out next week, on January 13th. So what do you think? Is $15/$20 a fair price for Netflix-like access to previous-gen titles?




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