Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 12, 2019

From sport to games online

We all know how doing sports were considered the cool thing, we are aware of the jock stereotype and the nerd, or geek stereotype, but it seems like today’s youth is a lot more accepting than the older generations, seeing how being a ”gamer” isn’t a bad thing, and opposite, could even be a career path for some lucky hardworking and talented individuals! But it seems as many very popular games are based on real-life sports, there are many online football games, online basketball, hockey, and so much more options!

It seems like the first sport-based video game was Tennis For Two, created by William Higinbotham in 1958, that takes us a long way back! Sports-based games have been extremely successful, they are familiar, yet you have more room for changes and strategy when playing, which some gamers very much enjoy exploring the different ways to beat the game and their opponents, and that’s why many enjoy it, you get the basics but can still create your own way for winning which is very valuable in gameplay mechanics, freedom for playing style is very important for many gamers, professional and casual both, it what’s makes the player feel like they are doing something and using their brain, creating creative winning strategies. 

The most popular Video games related to sports at least these days are; Fifa, Madden, NBA 2K, Pro evolution soccer, Gran Turismo, MLB the show and many more, as you can see, it is a very loved well-known genre, and the stereotype that video games aren’t valuable should break since so many individuals these days are profiting off the videogames industry for being gamers and they are working hard and should be treated with respect for being creative and investing in their hobby!

How did sports video games start becoming so popular?

If you are wondering, how did sports video games start becoming so popular? First of all, look at the enormous thing that is the sports industry! There are millions of fans over the world, and some of them might have happened to love sports, so they game video games related to football or tennis, or martial arts a try, and helped popularize the genre, these days, a lot of sports fan enjoy online sports games as well, and they can also participate in these, feel the thrill of winning and come out with new technics, showing their love for the sports, and with that welcoming new fans to this wide and loved genre of games related to sports. Also, gamble games have gained a lot a popularity online, and you can easily start betting on their sites.

These days, you can play from a console, a PC, even your phone or tablet, using mobile and downloading from, your app store, there are millions of choices and different games, some more well known, some bad, but all related to sports. Some video games have their own panels and events for the gamers to meet and compete in a real-life setting, making the whole thing very exciting and a very unique experience for gamers of all genres to meet each other, as well as welcoming regular sports fans who might be interested in joining the beautiful and energetic community that is the sports video games community, online as well as in real life!

It’s not surprising that a lot of regular sports fans have been lately disappointed, not being able to participate live in sports events due to the covid-19 pandemic the hit as all like a track, but because of the growing community of gaming, many sports fans could invest their interest in new areas of their hobby, and sports video games definitely support the sports industry too, which is all connected, and helps people come together and think of better, more exciting ideas that can develop into real games or events and make us all feel good even in hard times like these days with the struggle of staying home all day. There are also plenty of simulators that can replicate the actual sport so you can still play even at home. For example, you can use a golf simulator projector at home and it will let you play in some of the most renowned golf courses, golf hitting mats also gives you the ability to practice and improve your golf swing whenever you want. I hope we all support each other’s hobbies, not shaming any community since at the end of the day we are all here to have a good time and enjoy our hobbies to the fullest, and if there is something you don’t agree with, be polite and respectful, that’s how we keep the two existing fans together!  So maybe I’ve convinced you to search for a new console? Or maybe some available tickets to your town’s football game? Maybe even both? Whichever it is, enjoy your time and try new things, you never know what new hobby you could find, and which sweet people you’ll meet.

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