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GamerFront is an idea still in its early stages. The website here is undergoing a complete (re)design so WordPress will rule the roost for the time being. Stay tuned for in-depth takes on what’s happening in the game industry as well as a slew of original content by the GamerFront team.

In The Press

GamerFront is a local company that reviews computer hardware and software as well as any aspects in the world of tabletop and board games – basically anything from the gaming world. Have a look at what they had on show at the GamerFront lounge at LanWar and find out what they are all about.

Chris Scott Barr

Name: Chris Scott (Feigned) Barr

Age: 27

Location: Indiana

Role: Owner, Executive Editor, Director of Awesome.

Superhero Alter Ego: The Goddamn Batman

Favorite Games: Ocarina of time, Final Fantasy VII, Rock Band, Half-Life series, Diablo II, Jedi Academy, Borderlands.

Preferred Platform: I’m a PC gamer at heart, but I still give my 360 plenty of love.

Current Obsession: Skyrim, Battlefield 3.

Backstory: Born in Indiana, I grew up in the 90’s playing games on my NES (and later consoles) as well as my old Mac.  I spent a good deal of high school forsaking  most video games for Magic: The Gathering.  After spending years pursuing a career in IT, I decided to take my life in a different direction. I started doing professional blogging, then later started GamerFront as a means to express my love of gaming. The rest is history.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: Drawing, prop-building.

Braxton Colongione

Name: Braxton (Brax Man) Colongione

Age: 22

Associate Editor, Engineer of All Things Legendary

Superhero alter ego: Sgt. Avery Johnson

Favorite games: Halo series, Borderlands, CoD, Lego series, Hawx

Preferred platform: Xbox 360

Current obsession: Halo Wars

Back story: I wasn’t a big gamer until 99 when I got my first console (an Xbox) along with Halo: combat evolved after moving to Indiana from DC. Didn’t have too many friends after

moving so I turned to video games. It’s been 12 years and my gaming knowledge has been growing stronger every day.

Non-gaming hobbies: Laser tag, Cosplay prop building, my three pugs, and engineering legends.

Chuck Corbin

Name: Chuck (Tboneman) Corbin

Age: 26

Location: Indiana

Role: Associate Editor, Bard

Superhero Alter Ego: The Barbarian

Favorite Games: Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit, Final Fantasy VIII, the Mass Effect
Series, Call of Duty (the original, WW2 one, not the Modern Warfares), Star Wars: Rogue Squadron,
Super Smash Brothers: Melee, Skyrim, Diablo II

Preferred Platform:PC, PS4

Current Obsession: Star Citizen, Kerbal Space Program, Elite: Dangerous

Backstory: I grew up in the shadow of Indiana University, and I absolutely loved it. A Sega Genesis
was given to me as a young kid, and I was hooked for life on video games and technology in general. I
became the “tech support” for my family, which only made my love of computers even stronger, as I
learned more about how they work and how I can upgrade/update them. In 2011 I earned my degree in
Informatics from IU.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: Playing in IU’s alumni bands, memorizing Conan the Barbarian line for line

Caitlyn Muncy

Name: Caitlyn (BoobsMcbalrog) Muncy

Age: 22

Location: Indiana

Role: Managing Editor, Queen List-maker, Coordinator, Do-er of Stuff

Superhero Alter Ego: Birds

Favorite Games: League of Legends, Chibi-Robo, Kingdom Hearts, Journey, Civilization, Okami, Final Fantasy,(not telling which ones…you may judge me XD) Minecraft, WoW (n00b status), this and that.

Preferred Platform: PC

Current Obsession: League of Legends

Backstory: I grew up with music and board games, slowly but surely PC games filtered into my life. Then the blessed Super Nintendo appeared at my grandparents with Mario, Donkey Kong, Batman, etc. Spent my teen years with PC, GBA, PS1, and PS2. My knowledge of the gaming world is far less expansive, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love it just the same.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: Boffer Fighting, studying, drawing, painting, being OCD (Does that count?)

Chad Kilinski

Name: Chad (RelicCK, Leviathan) Kilinski

Age: 19

Location: Indiana

Role: Associate Editor

Superhero Alter Ego: Matter Eater Lad

Favorite Games: CS 1.6, Diablo 2, WoW way back when it was good, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, TF2, SC2, Bastion

Preferred Platform: PC all the way but I own a PS3.

Current Obsession: D3 and BF3

Backstory: I’ve been a gamer literally all of my life.  My brother, who is my elder by 6 years, was a huge gamer and got me into Sega and Super Nintendo at a young age.  Some of the other games that he got me playing constantly was CS 1.6 and Diablo 2 along with WoW.  (He actually paid me to do MF runs for him on D2 and to level him on WoW).  I’ve stuck to gaming and I’m pretty sure I will for the rest of my life.  Gamerfront is a way for me to contribute back to the community that I love so much.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: Drawing, building computers, FOOTBALL

Chasity Edens

Name: Chasity (Saria) Edens

Age: 20

Location: Indiana

Role: Assosciate Editor, that really, really cute chick that looks 12.

Superhero Alter Ego: Sage of the Forest

Favorite Games: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and any other Zelda for that matter, WoW, Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Digimon World Dusk, Halo series, Mario games, tetris.

Preferred Platform: I’m a whore for any platform ;)

Current Obsession: Minecraft/Dragon Age (current) and pie (constant)

Backstory: I was fully submerged into video games the day I realized I could ride a pony in Ocarina of Time. It was a definite “gateway drug” for me, because before I knew it I was spending a majority of my time playing on myN64 and collecting as many games as I could get my hands on. As I grew up I expanded into more systems and more types of gaming from PC gaming, card games like Magic: the Gathering, and table tops like Dungeons and Dragons. My soul was completely sold away the day I began playing World of Warcraft. If you see my soul on ebay, please buy it back and give it to me… I miss it.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: I spend a majority of my free time and money on Cosplaying. Im a fiend for it. Other hobbies include: sewing, writing, reading, theatre, social networking, modeling, studying, and EATING. OM NOM NOM.

Raine Hutchens

Name: Raine (BringTheRaine) Hutchens

Age: 23

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Role: Senior Editor, Chairman of Epicocity

Superhero Alter Ego:  HULK SMASH, with a bit of Iron Man flair.

Favorite Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Diablo series, Starcraft series, Dead Space series, Killzone series, Minecraft, WoW, Resident Evil series, Metal Gear series, Halo series, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Tales of Destiny and many more.

Preferred Platform: I’m leaning toward playing more PC games, though I do enjoy my Xbox 360, better known as the Herpbox Three-Derpty. However, I’ll always be down for some tabletop.

Current Obsession: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Blacklight: Retribution, DDO, Lord of the Rings

Bio: I started playing games way back in the day with the Atari 2600. I can remember trying to beat Pitfall with my family, but I couldn’t escape those damn gators. Then I moved through the NES, SNES, and forward, playing Super Mario Brothers, Super Metroid and so forth. I’ve stuck with video games, and I enjoy keeping up with the current industry news. Video games have always seemed to be my forte, so I stuck with them. I’ve also had my fill with tabletop games and TCGs, and I started with those before I picked up a controller. I’m a D&D nerd, play the WoW TCG, the Resident Evil Deck Building Game, and much more. Right now I’m learning to pick up War Machines, and making the move to Hordes as well. I love video games, though I don’t think I’ll ever give up my love for good old tabletop. I went to college for a short while to actively produce video games, but I found that writing and blogging about them is what I do best. I got the opportunity to work with GamerFront and ran with it, turning it into my daily nine-to-five. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: Painting, writing fanfiction, spending time with my family, writing for my blog, making videos, playing bass, going on road trips, heading out to cons, watching anime, and being a complete turbo nerd.

Suton Edens

Name: Suton (Kickapoo) Edens

Age: 25

Location: Indiana

Role: Video Editor, Maker of Dreams

Superhero Alter Ego: The Grapist

Favorite Games: Halo (any of them), Zelda (any of them), Legends of Dragoon, Guild Wars, Black Ops, Donkey Kong, Battle Toads and for the FATALITY Mortal Kombat.

Preferred Platform: Even though it has been doing nothing but farting lullabies lately I still enjoy my 360 but not afraid to go back to the classics.

Current Obsession: Dragon Age

Backstory: Well growing up in Iowa I can’t say there was a vast amount of options to do other than cow tipping, doing something in a corn field ;) or playing some sort of game.  It all originated from the good ol’ board games and branched of into card games such as Magic the Gathering and eventually molded itself into the multiple game consoles that there are.  So, now I’m hop scotching my way through just about anything I can get my hands on.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: Drawing, Looking Cool, Eating, Sleeping…I don’t think there is anything else beyond that that doesn’t involve a game besides graping people.

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