Review – Dragon Ball Origins (DS)

Not long ago I decided to pick up something new for my DS, and happened across the new Dragon Ball Origins game. I’m a fan of the series, and what I’d heard of the game prior to launch sounded interesting, so I decided that it might be worth a shot.

The game follows the storyline of the original Dragon Ball series, with you controlling Goku on his adventures with Bulma to find the magic Dragon Balls. The TV series was good, so the game might not be too bad, right? I think we all know that a good basis for a game doesn’t always mean that it will turn out well. Read on for my full review.

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Review – ezShot Gun For Wii

One of the things I like about my Wii is that I can easily turn my Wiimote into a gun without the need to drop a bundle of cash on another accessory. Generally you shell out just a few bucks and get a plastic frame, which is fine with me. I personally have two different ones in my collection (the official Wii Zapper and the Nyko Perfect Shot), however, I’ve recently acquired a third. I decided to take my new ezShot Gun for a spin, and found it to be the most disappointing of any gun I’d used yet.

I have a long list of complaints about this particular product, which seems strange considering it’s mostly just a hunk of plastic. One thing I love about my other two guns is that inserting and removing the Wiimote and Nunchuk takes almost no time at all. In the case of the Wii Zapper, which actually takes advantage of the Nunchuk, Nintendo paid attention to the fact that there is a cord that runs between the two devices. This is something that ezGear seems to have missed. First, there’s no place that the cord is specifically designed to run, I just sort of tucked it between the Nunchuk and the side of the handle, which made it sit sort of funny. Then you’re left with all of this excess cord, which you just let dangle out of the bottom of the handle. I love how this isn’t actually shown in any of the pictures. Hit the jump for the rest of my review.

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Review – ezStand

I tend to take the rocking of plastic instruments a bit too seriously at times, but it’s something I enjoy. One of the issues I run into with my guitar controllers is of where to place them when they aren’t in use. I generally keep at least one of them leaned up against my entertainment center, however, that’s not the most ideal situation. I’ve had the opportunity to check out this ezStand from ezGear, which is exactly what I’ve been needing.

The ezStand is quite simply a smaller version of a regular guitar stand. I do actually own a real guitar, so I took a picture of the my real guitar stand next to the one from ezGear. In most respects, they are very similar. There really isn’t much to this product, though it’s worth noting that the neck is height adjustable, and the entire unit is constructed of a light but durable metal, similar to my larger stand.

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