Review – Gunnar Optiks

How many hours per day do you find yourself staring at a screen of some sort? Be it a computer monitor or a TV, many people spend several hours a day looking at one. Personally, I will easily spend 10-12 hours a day doing so. I’m either working, watching a movie or playing video games, which takes its toll on my eyes. I do my best to take breaks to get away from the screens, but even that doesn’t prevent my eyes from hurting by the end of the day. So what can I do to help? The guys at Gunnar believe they have the answer.

I’ve seen Gunnar’s products before, but never really took them seriously. What are some tinted glasses going to do for me? After talking with one of the co-founders of the company, I decided I’d put them to the test. As a gamer and a working professional that spends most of his day staring a monitor, I figured that it would be worth it.

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