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Review – Pirates Plundarrr (Wii)

Review – Pirates Plundarrr (Wii) Yarrr Me Matey! Tharr Be A Pirates Plundarrr Review! This weekend I got to review a fun little game from Majesco Entertainment on the Wii called Pirates Plundarrr. The game centers around a group of pirates who have had their precious booty stolen by a traitor pirate by the name of Rudebelly. Players fight...
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Review – Grip-iTs

Review – Grip-iTs Have you ever been playing an FPS online and found yourself in the midst of a gruesome shootout, only to lose that last kill for the killstreak because your thumbs slide off of your analog sticks? Personally, I would love to throw the controller out the window at that point. To most of us, gaming is a...
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Review – NZXT Phantom

Review – NZXT Phantom When it comes to your PC, looks aren’t everything. I believe the old phrase is “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Despite this, most gamers like to have a case that can turn heads, or at least cock a few eyebrows. Well that was exactly what case maker NZXT was going for when designing their...
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Review – Psyko Audio 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones

Review – Psyko Audio 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones Any professional gamer will tell you that having good audio equipment is almost as important as having a good video card. Ideally, you’d want a good 5.1 surround sound setup, as most headphones can’t achieve true 5.1 audio. Check bluetooth hearing protection first before buying one....
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Review – Splitfish Dual SFX Frag Pro

Review – Splitfish Dual SFX Frag Pro Earlier this week we received in the Dual SFX Frag Pro from Splitfish. This time instead of having two separate “chucks” (like the Evolution) we have a left hand “chuck” and a mouse. Honestly you can’t get me to play a FPS game on the console or on the PC. I always got...
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Review – Gunnar Optiks

Review – Gunnar Optiks How many hours per day do you find yourself staring at a screen of some sort? Be it a computer monitor or a TV, many people spend several hours a day looking at one. Personally, I will easily spend 10-12 hours a day doing so. I’m either working, watching a movie or playing video games, which takes its...
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Review – CoolIT ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling

Review – CoolIT ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling As a PC gamer, I like  my machine running as efficiently as possible. This means that not only is my OS running as few unnecessary processes as possible, but my hardware is also staying nice and cool. You don’t need anything special to keep the software side of things running right, but having the...
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Review – Perfect Dark (Xbox 360)

Review – Perfect Dark (Xbox 360) Perfect Dark and I have a history together. You see, this was my LIFE while I was in middle school. Sitting on my friend’s water bed (why don’t they make those anymore?) playing 4 player split screen, those were the days. Of course when I heard it was coming to 360 Arcade, I counted down the...
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