Review – Final Fight Double Impact (PS3)

This past week saw another retro – re-release. This time the good people at Capcom give us a double dose of side scrolling beat-em up action. Final Fight Double Impact gives Final Fight and Magic Sword the royal treatment. Final Fight I have some fond memories of SNES days, and interestingly enough we actually have a working Magic Sword cabinet in the GamerFront office.

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Review – Borderlands (PS3)

Borderlands sets you down on the desolate planet of Pandora. Here is a world that few people would ever want to set foot on, save for the prospect of treasure. It has been rumored that a vault lie hidden somewhere in the vast wasteland which contains riches beyond measure. Treasure hunters, mercenaries  and even large corporations want to get their hands on whatever is contained within.

The world of Pandora seems like a barren wasteland, yet the art styling makes the landscape seem rich and exciting. The prominent black lines and shading remind me very much of a comic book, while at the same time it feels like something entirely different. The overall landscape doesn’t change much from zone to zone, but each has its own characteristics that makes it seem unique.

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