Review – Splitfish Dual SFX Evolution

Not long ago we received in the SFX Evo from Splitfish for the PS3 and Windows PC. After spending some time with the Evo I will admit that the controller did grow on me. In the beginning I felt a little overwhelmed by the initial setup required to use some of the functionality such as the Programmed Motion Over-ride (pMo), motion controls. Also I was a little put off by the 6 AAA battery requirement, but after a quick trip to the local pharmacy and a little practice I found that I was quickly able to enjoy the perks provided by the Evo.

The individual controllers themselves are also a little big, but I have large hands and they felt very comfortable. Someone with smaller hands might not feel quite the same way. The motion control feels very tight and the sensitivity is adjustable on the fly with the flick of your thumb. Generally I found it most comfortable to turn on the motion to the right chuck and let it control the camera, while turning the pMo on to take over a commonly used control. Another fun function of the Evo is the ability to map up to 12 key combos, quickly allowing you to lay down some major combos in your favorite fighting games.

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Review – Peak Starpex Guitar Controller

Peak has crafted what I humbly believe is the best guitar controller available. Over the last week I have enjoyed playing with Peak’s Obsidian Starpex Guitar controller for the PS3/PS2. The awesome people at Peak have taken a wooden guitar body and inlaied the electronic components into the guitar. This, much like the Rock Band Ion Drum Kit will set you back a few bucks, but is a worthwhile investment if you’re really into RB/GH and you’re a PS3 owner like myself. Read on for the full review.

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Review – ezStand

I tend to take the rocking of plastic instruments a bit too seriously at times, but it’s something I enjoy. One of the issues I run into with my guitar controllers is of where to place them when they aren’t in use. I generally keep at least one of them leaned up against my entertainment center, however, that’s not the most ideal situation. I’ve had the opportunity to check out this ezStand from ezGear, which is exactly what I’ve been needing.

The ezStand is quite simply a smaller version of a regular guitar stand. I do actually own a real guitar, so I took a picture of the my real guitar stand next to the one from ezGear. In most respects, they are very similar. There really isn’t much to this product, though it’s worth noting that the neck is height adjustable, and the entire unit is constructed of a light but durable metal, similar to my larger stand.

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