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Six Downloadable Albums Announced Fo...

Six Downloadable Albums Announced For Rock Band 2 Rock Band is awesome, partly because it’s the first game that lets us play drums, sing along with and shred to some of our favorite tracks, and partly because the amount of downloadable tracks seems never-ending. Rock Band 2 is poised to be an improvement on both areas, with new instruments already revealed and a slew of music just announced. We know...
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DIY Handheld Atari Game

DIY Handheld Atari Game Whenever I leave the house, I generally take my DS along to keep me entertained. If I don’t remember to grab it, I at least have my trusty iPhone, which isn’t bad for gaming in short spurts. However, neither of them really satisfy my craving for classic Atari games (though my iPhone does have a couple). So what’s one to do when they want some...
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Review – SteelSeries Siberia N...

Review – SteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset A good set of headphones is a treasure for those of us who want the best in gaming sound without disturbing the peace of those around us. On the other hand, a bad set of headphones can really detract from the gaming experience by not staying in place, hurting your ears over time, or simply by being uncomfortable. Having had a chance to test-drive the...
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Review – NZXT Guardian 921

Review – NZXT Guardian 921 Today I’m going to kick off the first of many reviews here at GamerFront with the Guardian 921 case from NZXT. These guys probably aren’t the first people you think of when it comes to PC cases, but they’re definitely worth a look. This Guardian 921 case isn’t one of their high-end models, but still has the looks and features that will...
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Let The Wookie Win

Let The Wookie Win
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Site Updates

Alright guys, I know there haven’t been a ton of updates lately, but fear not, starting next week we’ll be returning with daily posts throughout the week. We also have product reviews and a few other things in store. Also, in the coming weeks you’ll see some big changes to the overall look of the site, as Apathy has been hard at work with a red
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