Posted by Kat on Nov 23, 2007

Blizzard leaves a serious bug in WoW guild banks

WoW guild bank

Feigned and I help run a guild, so when we heard rumors about a guild bank coming to WoW we were stoked. Then the day came when it finally arrived and the guild all chipped in and paid an arm and a leg per each tab. Thus far we have had no issues and have loved the convenience that came with the new bank. However, there are those that are encountering major problems.

Apparently, at the moment the withdrawal limits are not reset when a character joins a new guild. If you’re an officer when you leave a guild, you still have the officer banking rights when you join a new one, even if you’re a lowly recruit. Therefore people are withdrawing things from the guild bank and then leaving the guild. Once they have done so they mail the loot off to another character or just switch servers.

Our guild (Knights of the Winnebago) has about 350 members and even with that amount, a loot like that would leave us hurting pretty badly. We decided to pull all of our gold out of the bank just as an extra precaution till the issue is solved. Right now the only other solution is for the guild master to manually reset a recruits bank rights immediately after they join up. Blizzard is currently working to resolve the issue.


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