Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 16, 2008

EA Finally Gives Up On Take-Two Acquisition


In a world of giant corporations, its always refreshing to see a smaller company stand up to the big guys. I’ve been watching the attempted hostile takeover of Take-Two for the last six months or so, and it has been a trip. I can’t recall the number of times that EA gave them a “final” date for their offer, only to see it expire and give them a new one. Don’t they understand the meaning of the word “no”?

Well it seems that they may in fact now understand it. That, or they’ve just grown impatient and want to move onto their next takeover. Either way, EA has decided that thy are no longer interested in the company.

Electronic Arts… today announced that while EA continues to have a high regard for Take-Two’s creative teams and products, after careful consideration, including a management presentation and review of other due diligence materials provided by Take-Two… EA has decided not to make a proposal to acquire Take-Two and has terminated discussions with Take-Two.

All I have to say is that it’s about damn time. Sure, Take-Two has taken a beating on the stock market, but as a gamer I’m happy to see that EA won’t be taking over yet another company.


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