Posted by Kat on Sep 23, 2008

PS3 ad using abstract art targets women

PS3 ads have never been quite right, a while ago there was the thumb penis that ad was just beyond creepy. Which I still haven’t the faintest idea what it was supposed to mean. Well now there is this ad that has several blogs scratching their heads. The nice thing is that it’s targeting women. I get tired of the Nintendo DS ads featuring Nintendogs with Carrie Underwood smiling at her obviously oh so mentally stimulating game. Thus far I have yet to come across a blog that has any clue or is even bothering to guess what the Playstation ad was trying to say. Perhaps it’s the abstract art that throws everyone off. After all in this day and age we need ads that are blatantly obvious and never actually force us to think. Likely the ad is poking fun at the stereotypical image of what everyone thinks a gamer looks like.

That obviously if they’re playing a PS3 it must be some fat guy who has never left his couch. Instead they break away those stereotypes to reveal something different, a small girl. I shockingly enough like the ad, I find it an interesting twist to advertising. After all, Nintendo has the blatantly obvious ads that are meant to be understood by even the most feable of minds. Maybe it’s time for someone to step up and make people think. If nothing else, they cause a buzz by their bizarre ads. Over all I’d say they succeeded in causing a slight stur among gamers.


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