Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 29, 2008

Rock Band 1 Disc Tracks Won’t Be Available For Purchase As DLC

When Harmonix announced that they would  allow you to export most of your Rock Band 1 tracks to RB2, we were all pretty excited. However, it raised the question of whether or not you could purchase individual tracks for the first disc, without actually buying the original game. Well now we finally have the answer.

Apparently there is no plan to make the original disc tracks available as DLC. The reason? They have no intention to stop selling the first game. I don’t really blame them here. They would have to sell the tracks at a really low price to even justify downloading them. You can pick up a used copy of the original Rock Band for around $40, plus the export fee of $5, which works out to less than a buck per track. Of course, you could save yourself the cash and just borrow someone else’s disc, or even rent it if you’re desperate.


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