Posted by Kat on Nov 5, 2008

iZ3D Monitors make your gaming 3D

If you’ve started to get bored with your PC gaming and could use a little bit of a change, you might check out these monitors.  They feature 3D graphics to pull you into your game.  Granted you will have to wear the 3D glasses the entire time  you’re gaming, but it would make everything feel new again. Not only can you bring your gaming to a different level, but the 3D monitors come custom painted with cool designs.

If you’re worried about your favorite game being compatible they also have a list of all the games that will work.  The list includes WoW, Call of Duty 2 and 4, Lego Star Wars,  Hellgate: London, etc.  The list includes eighty different games, so a lot will be covered.  You can pick up the monitor with the nice paint job for $739.  The glasses themselves are less than ten dollars and they don’t actually look too bad.


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