Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 17, 2008

Child’s Play Breaks $1 Million In Donations

It’s sort of funny how one rather small act can spawn something so great and unexpected. Take for instance an article written back in 2003 by Bill France. He wrote at length about how video games are merely death simulators, and gamers are trained killing machines. Something like this generally gets noticed by the gaming community, and we’ll say a few choice things about the author. However, This particular post had a different effect on a pair of gamers, better known as Gabe and Tycho. These two decided that they would prove how caring and human gamers are by setting up a charity in which gamers from across the globe could bring the joy of games to sick children during the holidays.

The charity has been running since 2003, and growing steadily every year. Gamers contribute to the fund in a variety of ways; from simple monetary donations to hosting contests and raffles. One of the biggest yearly events is the charity dinner put on by the proprietors of Penny Arcade. This event took place just last week and brought in over $200,000. While that may seem like a large number, it brought the grand total of the 2008 Child’s Play drive to just over one million dollars. I don’t care who you are, that’s just impressive.


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