Posted by Eric.Barr on Apr 2, 2009

Steve Wiebe Attempts To Break World Donkey Kong Record At E3

These days you don’t hear a lot about gamers breaking high scores and winning the hearts of millions in the process. Well, I’m not entirely sure that they ever “won the hearts of millions”, but the old-school gamers of the arcade days did earn a good deal of fame for their fantastical feats. If you’ve ever wanted to re-live those days of getting pumped about someone breaking a new high score on a classic game, just wait for E3.

If you haven’t watched King of Kong, I would suggest doing so, as you’ll really get a feel for how the glory days were. You’ll also know who Steve Wiebe is, and why he wants so badly to break the world record on Donkey Kong. On June 2nd he’ll be giving his official attempt at E3, with the record keepers at Twin Galaxies on hand to document the occasion. We should be in attendance this year, so we’ll definitely keep you posted when it goes down.


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