Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 23, 2010

Halo: Reach Will Support Campaign Matchmaking

In this week’s Bungie Weekly Update it was released that the new title will support campaign matchmaking. Players will now be able to locate friends, or strap up with complete strangers and fight together through the game’s campaign mode.

In essence, Halo 3 supported multiplayer campaign, however only through inviting a friend, but not matchmaking for it. The only way to tackle the campaign in multiplayer was to invite a friend from your friends list, or by system link. Halo: Reach instead will showcase its own campaign playlist which will allow you to find your friends (or team up with random players) to take down the Covenant through the game’s campaign storyline. This will definitely come in handy during the later levels where you need a big buddy to lend a helping hand.

No other details were released up to this moment, but I am sure there are more in store.


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