Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 2, 2010

A First Look At The Vanquish Demo

As many of you know, the Vanquish demo is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace as well as the Playstation Store. The demo allows players to play one level with the choice of two difficulties – casual or normal. Players take the role of Sam, a United States government operative with a sci-fi ARS battle suit. They must use a vast array of weaponry, abilities, upgrades, and Boost and AR abilities to take down evil foes.

The game looks pretty solid. I played the demo for myself and was amazed. Sega did a real good job with this demo so far, and I put down the controller wanting more. The controls are solid, the gameplay is fast-paced, and the game has enough going on to keep your attention.

One of the coolest features I found of the demo is that when you take enough damage you enter a sort of “bullet-time” slow motion that allows you to take more control of your situation. For instance, I was surrounded by a group of enemies and once I entered this slow motion I was able to weave out of their line of sight and take them all down with precise shots.

The demo shows us what abilities are available to the player through the amazing ARS suit. One of the key abilities of the suit is the power slide ability.Tthis ability allows you to slide on your knees while a jet booster on your back propels you across the ground. You can use this move to take down enemies as well as dodge enemy attacks, or to quickly get to fallen comrades that need help.

I definitely think that this demo is worth trying out. It brings a new look at the shooter genre, all while incorporating the features that we all love. Go download the demo for yourselves and check out what Sega has in store for this upcoming title.

For more action, check out the preview demo video below.

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