Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 28, 2010

Some Awesome Dead Rising 2 Weapon Combos

Perhaps one of the best things about Dead rising 2 is the fact that players can go all MacGyver on these zombies. Players can literally find and combine different items to create unique weapons to use against the undead horde. Throughout the game you will need to find survivors and level up to unlock different weapon combo cards that explain how to make weapons.

In all actuality, though, you can stick the items together to make the weapon combo as soon as you find them and have access to the maintenance room. The only catch is that you will not get any EXP boosts until you’re using the combo weapon you have the card for. Check out these awesome combination examples below, and get ready for Dead rising 2 as it hits shelves today.

Porta Mower (2×4 + Lawn Mower)
500 PP (Light Attack) / 1000 PP (Heavy Attack)

In terms of visual flair, this might be our favorite combo weapon in the game. Once you whip this one up (both items are at the maintenance room in the center of Fortune Park), you can spam the attack button to hack up the undead. However, holding the button makes Chuck lift the device and slam it down on the zombie. Chuck then slowly continues pushing as the zombie spins in the blades and is reduced to a blood smear. It’s vicious and all sorts of awesome.

Roaring Thunder (Car Battery + “Gobin” Mask)
300 PP

If you’re looking to get some PP, Roaring Thunder and you are made for each other. This is an area of effect device. You grab the car battery and the goblin mask – the mask is right outside the Fortune Park/Silver Strip maintenance room near the Slot Ranch Casino and the battery is in that very maintenance room – and shove it on a zombie to electrocute it for a cool 300 PP. Thing is, if there are other zombies around, the electricity will leap off the mask-wearing zombie and take out the other nearby ghouls for additional hits of 300 PP. If you see a mob of monsters, this is what you should grab.

Laser Sword (Gems + Flashlight)
150 PP (Light Attack) / 300 PP (Heavy Attack)

Want to get a little Star Wars in your zombie game? If you combine a flashlight and some gems, you’ll whip up your very own lightsaber that can cut through zombies in one swing. You can nab the flashlight outside of the Silver Strip maintenance room next to the pawn shop and the gems in the maintenance room. From there, combine them at your work bench and get your inner-Jedi on.

Knife Gloves (Knife + Boxing Gloves)
300 PP

Face it – everyone wants to be Wolverine from the X-Men and run around cutting crap in half. The Knife Gloves in Dead Rising 2 make that dream a reality and let Chuck run through the stores of Fortune City slicing the undead in half. You can grab the boxing gloves from The Man’s Sport in Royal Flush Plaza and the knife from any of those zombies dressed in the blue and yellow t-shirts you see stumbling around holding bowie knives.

Spiked Bat (Nails + Baseball Bat)
50 PP (Light Attack) / 200 PP (Heavy Attack)

Yes, yes, yes – spiked bats are elementary. When you get access to the maintenance room right outside the safe house, you’ll find the nails and bat right there for the taking. The experience points you’ll get for using the bat aren’t amazing, but the ability of the bat to push droves of zombies away, the sickening thud the heavy attack makes on a zombie’s noggin’, and the durability of the weapon make it a must-own for anyone going to Fortune City.

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