Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 28, 2010

Case West Available Now For Dead Rising 2

If you’ve come in need of expanding your zombie slaughter options in Dead Rising 2, then we have good news for you. Dead Rising 2’s Case West, the new standalone DLC, is now available on Xbox Live. Sorry PC gamers and Ps3 owners, the DLC is exclusive to the 360 as of right now.

The downloadable follows Chuck Greene as he teams up with the hero from the original Dead Rising game, Frank West. The duo infiltrate the Phenotrans Facility to investigate the very shady transactions that the company has been making. In Case West the characters aren’t confined to the borders of Fortune City, no. The pack sees the two heading all across the country, introduces new weapon combinations, new challenges, and new enemies. For a mere 800 Microsoft Points players can get their hands on this nifty piece of work.

Check out the Case West trailer below.


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