Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 5, 2011

Childs Play Charity Raised Over $2 Million

A while back you may have seen the post on the site about the replica Portal Gun that was to be auctioned at a charity called Child’s Play that is put on every year by the great guys at Penny Arcade. Well that charity has just announced that in the 2010 year they raised approximately $2,294,317.53 in donations. That is amazing news. Jerry Holkins reported in a Penny Arcade news post that the total amount received in donations since the opening of the charity gross well in the amount of about $9 million. In that same post, however, Holkins noted that not all of last year’s donations may have been accounted for as of yet.

This is great news. It’s amazing to know that the video game industry has an organization such as this that shows the willingness and drive to help those less fortunate. It makes me prod to work in such an industry, and it should make you proud to belong to it.


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