Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 14, 2011

GameStop Wants To Make Digital Upgrades Easier

GameStop is happy to sell anything and everything gaming related, including Xbox Live Membership cards and Microsoft Points. While most likely you’ve already given GameStop your personal information for pre-orders, and hopefully for the Power Up Rewards membership card, the company would like just a bit more information about your Xbox Live account so they can send you what you purchase.

GameStop’s Shawn Freeman explained the situation:

“Today you pick the card up off the rack that’s associated with that map pack, we ring it up as part of your transaction in the store, and then we give you the code that allows you go home and [access the content]. Ultimately, we want to reduce even more of that friction, so when you buy that map pack in our store, we’re going to be able to associate your Xbox profile with your GameStop profile, and then automatically push that to your download queue.”

What this means is that if you leave your Xbox 360 on and connected to the internet while you leave to go shopping, when you come in to GameStop and purchase something like a map pack, or extended gear for a game, by the time you get home it will have been downloaded to your system and be ready for use.

Ultimately I think this is a great idea. I don’t think GameStop will be invading privacy or anything, and you get access to your content even faster than usual. What do you think?


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