Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 17, 2011

Want To Make A Game? Join The Club!

Inside the heart of every gamer exists the desire to create and produced the very games they love to play – this is very true. Sometimes gamers decide to give criticism as their way to contribute to the industry, and sometimes they jump in head first to put their skills to use in the production role of the gaming world. Some local college students got together and did just that, and that resulted in one of the most phenomenal games around today – Portal.

I was lucky enough to attend a call out meeting for a new club at Indiana University in Bloomingon. The club was aptly titled the “Hoosier Gaming Club,” and their goal was simple:

“Our goal is to be able to provide students here with the chance to create and produce unique, real, and playable video games.”

That was an opening statement handed out by Derrick Fuchs, the co-creator of the Hoosier Gaming Club. Fuchs spoke about his own aspirations as well as those of other gamers and friends he is acquainted with.

After going around the room and exchanging introductions, those who attended explained what they wanted to get out of the club. The members of this newly-found club want to give their all to create the next great video game, and if nothing more than that to gain the knowledge and practice of using the very tools that leading companies use in the industry today.

The meeting was a very welcome and warm experience. Everyone who spoke showed great excitement and willingness to be part of a team, as well as the desire to provide the best they could to create something amazing.

The gaming club intends to meet every week, on Monday, in the Fine Arts building of the IU Bloomington campus. Hopefully this will be the start of another great project, such as Portal.

Fuchs explained that as long as the determination is there, that the power to create something amazing is there. All it takes is the right amount of willpower, skill, and the want to produce a truly amazing game.

I plan on attending these weekly meetings, to provide all I can to help out these amazing idealists, and to become part of a team working toward a common goal that we love.

The gaming industry is huge, and it’s not dissipating. The Hoosier Gaming Club intends on providing student and non-student gamers alike with the opportunity to put their names on the grid, and to create something that will make a mark on the industry.

If you’re in the Bloomington, IN area and want to bring your skills to the table for the gaming industry, then check out the Hoosier Gaming Club. You won’t regret it.

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