Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 1, 2011

Dead Space 2: Severed Now Available

The first set of DLC for Dead Space 2 is now available. Titled “Severed,” the pack sees players as Gabe Weller during his evacuation of the falling colony on Aegis VII. Accompanied by a surveyor by the name of Lexine Murdoch, fate shows its ugliness when the duo are carried off to the Sprawl to face the same nightmare that plagued the doomed colony.

There is a lot to experience with the new DLC pack, such as new chapters that add to the story in Dead Space 2, new enemies, and new trophies. The Twitcher – a necromorph that has the ability of enhanced speed – makes a comeback in Severed, along with faster-paced combat. Severed is sure to keep Dead Space veterans on the edge of their seats.

Severed is now available for $6.99. For more details on the pack, head here.


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