Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 3, 2011

Infinity Blade Update Is Now Live

The update that we just spoke of yesterday for Infinity Blade is now live. When Donald Mustard said “very, very soon,” he surely meant it. The update has been titled “The Deathless Kings,” and it includes a new dungeon environment, six new arenas, ten new enemies, thirty new items, and six new achievements. Chair has really been hard at work with this update, and the content packed within is well worth it.

The Deathless Kings adds a “New Game Plus” mode which allows players to re-mastery any item, unlock new items at the store, and removes the level cap all together. Players will also find extra character slots, audio volume controls, and a feature that allows for the adjustment of the dodge button size.

On top of the update, Infinity Blade itself has been slashed down to $3 – that’s half off the normal price, which includes the update – through Sunday! Way to go, Epic.


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