Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 29, 2011

Bit.Trip Saga Running Its Way To The 3DS

Commander Video is readying himself for a long run to a new platform. Aksys Games has just announced that the entire Bit.Trip series will be making its way on over to the new Nintendo 3DS system.

This means that players will be getting Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Core, Bit.Trip Void, Bit.Trip Runner, Bit.Trip Fate, and Bit.Trip Flux. The whole package is over two years worth of game releases on one 3DS cartridge. There will be so many dimensions that your head will, in fact, implode on itself. They should probably put that in a warning label on the box.

Aksys Games unfortunately hasn’t released a date or cost for the new title yet. With a game such as this, though, you can pretty much assume it will be worth the wait. Since it will include a half-dozen games with plenty of levels, you can be safe saying it possibly could cost more than the normal price for 3DS games, but who can put a price on such happiness?


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