Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 22, 2011

New Super Mario 3DS Details Surface

Shigeru Miyamoto has described Super Mario 3DS as “a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario on N64,” according to Edge Online. Miyamoto even discussed that the game should be playable at E3, which reaffirms what Satoru Iwata stated at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.  Also promised by Miyamoto is the utilization of the 3DS’ native 3D feature, as the game will focus on 3D-centered gameplay.

Miyamoto even said that Super Mario 3DS would be out later this year, although no release date has been given. Also, the logo that’s pictured above was talked about as well. You can see that there is indeed a raccoon tail extending out from the ‘O’ in Mario, and Miyamoto commented on it, saying that, “The tail you mentioned in the logo – it’s what you think it is. You probably know what’s going to happen using that character.” This seems to be a bucket full of good news from Nintendo. Any ideas on what the tail/character will be used for?


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