Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 27, 2011

This Portal Turret Won’t Really Shoot You

This adorable Portal Turret Plush toy that you see pictured above may be the coolest toy in existence. Leigh Nunan, along with the help of Jonathan Guberman, created this masterpiece which actually makes sounds as you do different actions with it. There are LEDs arranged on the front of the plush that give it the red laser look, and allow it to pick up on movement.

Move your hand in front of the turret and it will say something. Knock the turret over and it will say something else. You can even pick the turret up to have it react with a new set of sounds. All of the phrases it emits are all easily recognizable from the Portal games, and most of our favorites have been thrown in.

Now there isn’t any link to a sale, nor is there a post for this item on any arts/crafts auction site, so purchasing this little treasure is a no-go as of right now. You can see the turret in action in the video below, and if you head over to the creators’ website, maybe you can talk them into making some available for purchase?


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Interactive Talking Plush Portal Turret from Jonathan M. Guberman on Vimeo.

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