Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 9, 2011

A Prototype 2 Mother’s Day Gift

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and the folks over at Activision sure didn’t forget. Pictured above is a new promo card for the infectious title Prototype 2.

In Prototype 2 players see Alex Mercer as the target in an all new adventure. Being the mass murderer sought after by the local police force and the military. Alex has had his share unpleasant run-ins. In the new title he is yet again hunted, this time for personal gain.

It seems that a U.S Sergeant by the name of James Heller has his sights on Mercer, and he won’t stop until he sees his target put down. Heller has become infected with the very same virus that plagued Mercer, and he plans to use it to exact his revenge.After seeing your family fall to a monster, I am sure you would all feel the same.


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