Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 19, 2011

Guild Wars 2 Beta Is On Its Way

For the fans out there of NCSoft’s Guild Wars MMO, we’ve got some exciting news. The Guild Wars 2 beta is approaching, and at a quickened pace. It is set to make an appearance during the second half of this year according to a conference call taken at Eurogamer.

AreaNet has not yet announced a solid release date for the game itself, but we assure the developer is doing what’s necessary before making any hasty announcements. There will still be no cost for subscriptions to play the popular MMO title, but there will be the one-time cost for the game itself, just like with the original.

This is certainly some great news to grasp seeing as how the game is building quite the amount of hype recently. NCSoft has released a handful of details about the game, catering to what their fans want to see. As more information rolls out about Guild Wars 2, and especially the beta, we will be sure to update here.


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