Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 1, 2011

Co-op Dungeon Siege 3 Demo Now On Xbox Live

A demo for the anticipated dungeon crawler, Dungeon Siege 3, from Square Enix is now available to all on Xbox Live. It is free, of course, and offers players time to greet with the game’s hack-and-slash gameplay, as well as local co-op.

Many fans have been waiting for the time to get hands- on with the game, as it’s not set to release until later this month. Now players will have their chance to check out the heart of the title’s gameplay, all while playing with a friend to boot.

There hasn’t been any word when the demo will hit PC or the PS3, but with the PlayStation Store still out of commission, I would assume it won’t be until sometime within the next couple of weeks. As soon as more information releases, we will be here to let you know. For now, if you own a 360, get out there and grab that demo!


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