Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 30, 2011

Star Wars Galaxies Players Aren’t Going Without A Fight

If you’ve been poking into the news lately, then you’d know about the huge upset with an older MMO, Star Wars Galaxies. As announced by Sony, the game’s servers will be officially taken offline as of December 15th. Unsurprisingly, many fans aren’t happy.

A report on the site Venture Beat, a group of long-time players are fixing to file a class-action lawsuit against Sony Online Entertainment. Though many would assume it would be dealing with keeping the game running, it is not. The lawsuit actually deals with issues that Sony has already had in place.

Ever since the original upsetting announcement, players everywhere have been petitioning Sony to keep the game running, and make it a Free-To-Play title. Those committing these acts on the game’s forums have had their posts locked out because “promoting an online petition causes disruption within the community and does not provide gameplay feedback that our development team can use.” This lockdown is actually what sparked the suit.

This sounds a bit tough, but according to Sony’s online policy, this is quite valid. And for those players who agreed to play the game, Sony’s end-user agreement states that Sony can delete anything they consider to “cause disruption.” This pretty much means that, after calculations, these guys’ lawsuit has about a 1 in 3720 chance to make it through. Nice try, though.


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