Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 8, 2011

As Promised, Here’s The 15-Minute Bioshock Infinite Demo

Not too long ago we posted a short preview of the E3 demo shown for Bioshock Infinite. That video was shown with a promise of the full 15-minute demo, which we now have right here.

Now keep in mind, this is footage that was taken from an episode of GameTrailers TV. You’ll hear some commentary and information about the game, as well as seeing it perform in action. This is the very footage that left journalists with their mouths agape during E3, and yes, it’s that good.

Take some time to check out the demo below, but we want to warn you. You need to make sure you’re sitting down, not drinking or eating anything, and you’ve got some iron skin. This footage will blow you away. It shows some intense emotional moments with your partner, Elizabeth, foreshadowing on a perilous journey, and the most impressive, high-flying combat we’ve ever seen. Enjoy.

[Update:] It seems that the original video was taken down, so it has been replaced with a ten-minute demo that is devoid of any ads or chatter. Sorry about that folks, but the demo video is still here!


Written by Raine Hutchens

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