Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 1, 2011

Here’s Two Minutes Of The Bioshock Infinite E3 Demo, With More Coming Soon

There was a huge demo of Bioshock Infinite played at this year’s E3 event, though we have seen little to none of it. The demo showcased the sky-line system, Elizabeth’s magical abilities, and Booker fighting for survival among Columbia’s suspended streets. Well, we’ve finally got some of the footage here for you, though it’s packed into two short minutes.

From what you can see here, you can gather just a tiny bit of what to look forward to with the game. Ken Levine says that a full 15-minute demo will be shown on Spike TV on July 7th, for us all to see. Until then, you can curb your craving for the footage below.

Bioshock Infinite looks like it will be a different take on the series, though it’s a great one we all seem to be excited about. Columbia is a vast escape from the confines of Rapture, and I can’t wait to jump into Booker’s shoes and ride the sky-lines for myself. The game is still slated for a 2012 release.


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