Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 15, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Details Arise, Changing The Tides Of War

Kotaku was lucky enough to speak with Robert Bowling, the Creative strategist for Infinity Ward, and some new details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer system. The mode has received some tweaks and updates that will prove a big difference from the CoD multiplayer that we’ve all come to know. One of these changes comes in the form of reduced “hotstops,” or places where the enemy can stop and shoot from, which are sort of like camping spots. These areas have been reduced on the game’s maps because it provides for a more action-packed feel, according to Bowling.

Now gamers won’t have to worry about more than five hotstops at any one time, making it a different experience than before. “It simplifies it so that the less skilled player has less to think about,” Bowling said. “There’s fewer places to hide, which discourages the more camper mentality that seemed to emerge in the map design of Modern Warfare 2.”

On top of the reduction of these camping areas, Bowling mentioned that air support will see a decrease as well. The main focus with these changes is so that the game is more fast-paced and full of action, like a Call of Duty title should be. This way you can’t simply lie in wait for every enemy and rack up kills by having little to no skill.

Modern Warfare style is, for me, all about the high-speed, fast-paced—and I’m talking in terms of smooth controls and 60-frames-per-second framerate—infantry-focused combat,” Bowling said. “And it’s all focused on that gun-on-gun gameplay, especially in  Modern Warfare 3. I feel like it’s something we nailed with Call of Duty 4. We moved away from it a little bit with MW2, relying heavily on air support, killstreaks, perks and stuff like that. Modern Warfare 3, very much [is] building up from that Call of Duty 4 mentality of gun-on-gun, fast-paced infantry gameplay.”

With these changes taking place, Modern Warfare 3 will become more of a casual game than one where frustrations breed on a constant basis. This will make for a wider player base, and it will also see some angered players returning to the franchise. The game will release on November 8th this year, and with what’s been said, how are you feeling about the changes so far?


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