Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 28, 2011

Sharkoon X-Tatic Headset Ready To Ship In North America

CompuExpert has just announced that the Sharkoon X-Tatic SR gaming headset is ready to launch in North America. The headset will begin shipping on August 16th, and gamers can grab it exclusively through Amazon.com. With this new piece of hardware, players will be able to experience a whole new world of crushing explosions, screaming commands and powerful game sound output through the Sound Control Unit (SCU) with the new 3D Sound Expander.

The X-Tatic SR features Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Headphone, creating completely new sound dimensions that allow players to hear enemies approach from any direction. In addition, the SCU offers one additional connection for a second headset with 3.5mm jack, so two can enjoy excellent surround sound. Regardless of whether it’s a PS3, Xbox 360, or PC, the X-Tatic SR allows you to connect to all major platforms with its extensive accessories collection. Configure your personal sound using the in-line volume controller while chatting with your friends via USB to PS3 or Xbox Live.

The X-Tatic SR will be available for $139.99 when it launches, which should be just enough time for you to gather those coins. Anyone who decides to pre-order the headset will receive a $10 promotional credit towards any items purchased on and shipped by Amazon.com. You can get your pre-order on right here.

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