Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 17, 2011

BattleField 3 Multiplayer Trailer

Battlefield 3 is another game I am looking forward to, ever since I saw that abnormally long gameplay trailer I’ve been eagerly awaiting the games launch. If you think about it, how many modern day FPS’s include tanks, Humvees, and fighter jets in their multiplayer? No too many.

This trailer is very well edited (as most are), it shows off a lot of cool features of the game without overly focusing on one in particular, although they came close with the jet footage. As in all the previous Battlefield 3 trailers the graphics are pretty spectacular and if this trailer wasn’t played on a PC I will be thoroughly impressed.

From the trailer Battlefield 3 seems to have an awesome multiplayer system, but if the trailer didn’t make it look that way, well the guy who made that trailer probably wouldn’t have a job. I’m hoping that all the vehicles will bring a positive aspect to the game and not an annoyance, but that’ts just going to have to wait to be determined. Make sure you watch the trailer below, and don’t forget to judge the person driving that drone at a 1.26…


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