Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 30, 2011

Halo Reach Update

It’s no secret around the office that I am a bit of a Halo fanatic. I have been playing since the release of CE many years ago, and I’ve been there for every update from the sword launch bug fix to the grenade damage change and I’ll be there for every new update to come.

The newest update for the Halo franchise will be for Halo: Reach and it encompasses several things. The first being my favorite, is the revival of the original Halo CE M6D pistol that devastated so many players back in the day. The Pistol will only be available through multiplayer gameplay in select playlists. The next is the fix that allows 4GB 360 owners to be able to play matchmaking and campaign without the HDD. There will also be several changes to armor abilities; Amorlock will absorb damage, the length of active camo will be reduced, and you will no longer be able to block the sword with any weapon other than another sword. And last but not least, you will be able to configure rifle bloom to fine tune you DMR surgical skills.

Bungie and now 343i have always been very good at listening to the community and taking action based on what they hear. For example, I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who hates Armor lock, so they listened to we the fans, and tweaked it. Whether you love Halo or hate it you cannot deny that it pioneered the day for other games of its kind.

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