Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 30, 2011

The Secret World Beta Registration Has Started, The Secret’s Out

Funcom has just announced that the open beta registration for The Secret World has begun. The Secret World is a brand new MMO set in our very own, modern-day world. Starting now, gamers from across the world can register to be evaluated for their participation in the upcoming beta, which will roll out in phases. During the coming months, the developer will be increasing the amount of beta participants consistently.

The first phase of the beta will be called “The Secret War.” It will be introduced as an interactive online experience that will engage community members in the ongoing war between the Templars, Illuminati, and the Dragon – three factions that compete for dominance in The Secret World. “One of the most interesting features of ‘The Secret World’ is the three profoundly different secret societies that players can join,” says Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing, Morten Larssen. “Since we first announced the game we have gradually revealed more details about them, and what we have seen is that thousands of gamers in our community have come to identify with them and form a loyal bond to other community members belonging to the same society. With ‘The Secret War’ experience we are excited about the prospect of allowing for even more community interaction and engagement.”

The first phase of the experience allows users to take a unique personality test to determine which secret society they belong to and then choose which society to join. After making the ultimate choice the user is automatically registered as a beta candidate for ‘The Secret World’ and will also be eligible to take part in the upcoming second phase of The Secret War interactive online experience.

The second phase of the experience will allow users to expand the influence of their secret society through a social media connected, web-based game. Here users can recruit friends and deploy them as agents for their cause, scoring points for themselves and their secret society. Users can also share assets from and information about The Secret World to score more points, allowing them to climb through the ranks of their secret society and unlock achievements, exclusive in-game equipment and weaponry, in-game titles, and even the coveted guaranteed beta access reward.

The Secret World will launch for the PC in April of next year. Though the game hasn’t reached a playable form yet, that hasn’t stopped fans from taking a linking to it. Check below to see the game’s official trailer, and tell us what you think. Which faction will you choose? Be sure to stay tuned for more on The Secret World, and The Secret War.

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