Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 28, 2011

Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Still To Arrive This Year, Open Beta Coming Next Year

ArenaNet has confirmed that the highly-anticipated MMO Guild Wars 2 will, “for sure” see a closed beta before the end of this year. Colin Johanson, the game’s Lead Content Designer stated that, “We’re in closed alpha right now. We’re going to go into closed beta by the end of this year. Based on the outcome of the closed beta, that will determine our open beta schedule. Based on the outcome of the open beta, that’s going to determine our release date.”

“If we tear through the beta and everything’s super positive then obviously it’ll come out faster. And if we go into the beta process and we see things we want to change, then we have the luxury of having the time to be able to sit down and fix that stuff,” Johanson added. There is a lot of speculation hitting the net surrounding the release date we will see for the game. Some think that the beta alone will determine Guild Wars 2’s launch date while others are taking the BioWare approach, claiming that Star Wars: The Old Republic’s reception will influence the date.

It’s good news that any beta at all will be hitting this year, and there are many fans dying to get their hands on the game. The adoration for Guild Wars 2 has steadily been building since it’s debut footage and announcement, which has come well deserved. I’m most definitely excited for the beta, what about you?


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