Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 26, 2011

Review – R.A.T. 9 With Mac Drivers

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When looking for a gaming mouse, you want it to be the cream of the crop. If you’ve always wanted a wireless mouse, but were too afraid of it not being precise enough, fear not, for the RAT 9 is here. This mouse has all of the grace of a swan, but looks like a murder machine.

Just seeing this mouse is a bit overwhelming, what with its innards being completely exposed and all. The black matte finish on the pieces where your hand will sit has a rubbery smooth feel that makes for comfy gaming. Although, it’s really the customization that really make this a memorable mouse. As it is a wireless mouse, you will need a battery for it, and thankfully, MadCatz has supplied two of them and a charging station that will make for a quick swap. You can go on for 4 days of normal use, or 9 hours of continuous game play with a blinking red LED that will let you know when it’s about time to change out. The charging station plugs in via USB and has red and green LEDs to let you know when the charging battery is ready or not. It also houses a storage cylinder of sorts for the any weights that you don’t want to put in the mouse. Swapping out batteries does get a bit old if you’re on your computer for nine hours a day everyday, but if you want the convenience of wireless, you have to put in the second and a half of time it takes to make it work.

The whole family of R.A.T. mice seems to be very similar, and the R.A.T. 7 is basically a wired up twin of the 9. If you’re interested in a full on review of the actual mouse, you can go here. Today we’re here to talk about the wish that MadCatz has decided to grant. Ask, and you shall receive Mac drivers.

If you wanted the ability to customize just about everything on your mouse, and use it on a Mac, here is your chance. So long as you have an OS X 10.6.6 or later, this work of art will do your bidding with pin point precision. You can adjust the DPI of course, but there is also the precision aim button that can be finely tuned to fit your specifications. This button will slow down so that your sharp shooting is more efficient than ever. For the DPI, there are three preset speeds to choose from, but you can set up the three modes for different games or other “normal stuff” purposes. We’re talking about a range of hairline, miniscule adjustments for the avid gamer.

This mouse is quite the expensive bit of machinery at about $149, but it knows how to get the job done. Just make sure you have a super smooth surface to put it on, as I had a tad bit of trouble using it on my desk. Though it could just be the desk as it’s older than time.

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